Several of the greatest teams are said to have made roster changes in order to solidify their position at the top. Here are the details:

Cloud9 Blue relegates Poiz to the bench and replaces him with Xeppaa:

When a club makes a roster move, it's usually during a critical juncture in the season when the squad needs to pivot. It's uncommon to see moves made when a team is on the rise or even after their greatest triumph, but Cloud9 Blue has done it before and plans to do it again. They made it to Challengers One in Stage Two after missing the entire first stage of VCT, and then to the Challengers Two grand finals. Between Challengers One and Two, they decided to replace Relyks with floppy, who had recently joined from CS:GO a few weeks before.

Despite the excellent performance from their Jett primary poiz, the team has decided to replace poiz with Xeppaa, a C9 Colossus component. Xeppaa comes from a more competitive background, and his colleagues believe he has a lot of promise.

TSM benched Cutler, hires a new coach Chet:

TSM is in the midst of one of NA VALORANT's biggest and most substantial overhauls; the organisation has moved Cutler to the bench, hired Chet as a seasoned coach, and appears to have put the Brax experiment to rest. Chet is most interested in bringing structure to the TSM camp, which, ideally for the team, means Subroza settling into a single role while WARDELL expands his personal agent roster.

Gen.G signs NaturE and releases Huynh:

As former CS:GO AWPer Kenneth “koosta” Suen became more accustomed to the game during Stage One, Gen.G appeared to be progressively improving. Their best performance came near the finish, when they managed to sneak into Masters One via the lower Challengers Three bracket. They swept the bottom bracket of the Masters One tournament, avenging defeats to 100T and Envy before succumbing to the “Smeag” style and the red-hot FaZe Clan lineup.

However, while other teams in NA improved in Stage Two, Gen.G fell behind, unable to qualify for a single match. Dissatisfied, the team cut ties with its Jett primary huynh and replaced him with NaturE, a player with more agency variation.

FaZe is said to have benched Marved while testing a new fifth player:

FaZe got out to a fantastic start in the first stage, but faded away in Stage Two. FaZe is rumoured to be moving on from Marved for Stage Three, with the squad supposedly auditioning players from jammyz, dicey, and BabyJ, among others. In the controller/sentinel hybrid role, Marved gave a lot of stability to FaZe, while both babybay and corey racked up a lot of kills for their team.