The first day of the VCT Quarterfinals are done, let's take a look at the results:

Team Secret vs Acend

The first bracket of our quarterfinals match-up was Secret vs Acend. Acend showed they knew how to play the maps at hand. The first map was Icebox, where Acend showed a strong domination in a score of 13-8. The best performance was by cNed who had a K/D spread of +9.

The next map didn't look any better for Team Secret. The next map was a Breeze for Acend, but not for Team Secret. Acend took the win on Breeze with a score of 13-6. Acend showed a stronger strategy when it came to blocking off choke points, delaying any strategy Team Secret may have had. cNed again held a very strong performance today, following closely behind zeek with K/D spreads of +7 and +8 respectively.

With this win, Acend will go onto the Semifinals.

cloud9 vs Team Liquid

Both cloud9 and Team Liquid showed why they're staples of the VALORANT eSports community. Both teams showing extraordinary strategy going back and forth with their own respective win streaks, only to take strategic time-outs and come back with proper counters. Liquid came out from the clouds to take a win. cloud9 tried their best, but mist.

In Bind, Team Liquid won 13-10 with a pretty strong performance, but not a dominating one.

Ascent was a closer battle, but Liquid ended up taking the second win 13-11 and moving on to the Semifinals.

Today wraps up the first match-up for the semifinals. We will have a December 11th meeting of the greats between Team Liquid and Acend. Tomorrow we'll watch for the results of the remaining games to see the finalized semifinal brackets.