On week five, day 3 of LCK Spring Split, DRX won against T1 2-1 with Pyosik leading the charge from the jungle. 

SOLKA came up with an unbeatable performance with the help of Champion Zoe in the first game. He was able to finish the game deathless with a score of 2/0/9 which helped the team to have a good engagement over the match. Kingen was able to stop the opposing Renekton from rising through the laning phase with the help of Champion Jayce. Kingen was able to survive the third game through his great mechanics and he was too much pressure to handle for T1.

DRX jungler Pyosik, with an aggressive playstyle and his outstanding performance, helped the laners to perform even better. He used Kindred and Udyr to stop the opposing jungler to make any move in the match. He nullified T1's jungle presence throughout the series. 

DRX mid-laner Song Su-hyeong known as “SOLKA” and top laner Hwang Seong-hoon known as “Kingen” won the votes from MVP for this League of Legends series.

The second game tends to be the repeat as the first. Both the teams played passively across all the lanes. DRX was focused on farming their lane creeps better and securing a small gold lead whereas T1 managed to pick up the early dragons. Once the teams were realized that the Dragon Soul would be the ocean one, they started investing all their resources into securing dragons. In the end, T1 managed to pick up the Ocean Dragon Soul but in this process, they lost multiple team fights. The T1 equalized the series as the Dragon Soul buff proved to be too strong for DRX to handle.

In the third game, DRX revised its plan totally to counter T1’s game plan across all the lanes. Due to superior composition and also with the fact of Kingen dominating in his lane, DRX was able to finish the series in their favor.

On February 21, 2021, DRX will fight against Afreeca Freecs. A conclusive win against Afreeca Freecs should help DRX to place themselves in the top-three spot in the standings.