The Los Angeles Thieves have had innumerable changes to their roster. The total number will be six to be precise. It seems that the team has confirmed that this will be the roster they will stick till the end of the 2021 Call of Duty League Season. 

John is considered to be one of the best players in the world. He was sitting out of all Modern Warfare season, will be back into the highest level of competitive Call of Duty for the first time since the Black Ops 4. John has won Call of Duty Champs in 2016 with Team Envy and was titled as the event MVP. SlasheR and JKap also won the Call of Duty Champs in 2016. John most recently played for EastR in the Challengers scene since March.

Drazah, who played an impressive match at the Call of Duty League Stage Four Major, will be joining the lineup and starting alongside John, SlasheR, and Kenny. This was announced on June 24th. Although the team had a disappointing result in last week’s major. Huke was unavailable for the match due to a ‘typo’ on this COVID-19 test and as per the guidelines of COD, Huke was not allowed to play. The LA Thieves had to replace Huke with Drazah. Now the team appears to check what lineup shall give the best chance at the championship.

Drazah always had a strong reason so far. Posting an overall K/D of 1.01, including a 1.07 K/D in Control and 1.05 K/D in Search and Destroy in 2021. While LA Thieves only won a single series in Stage Four with a 3-2 decision over Seattle Surge. This roster has championship experience. 

SlasherR and John have won Call of Duty Champs. Kenny had made runs to the Champs finals in 2018 and 2019. Now, if there is any roster that gives Los Angeles Thieves a chance to compete and make it to the end of the season, this roster seems to achieve that.

The Call of Duty League returns in July starting with Stage Five play.