In 2021 Call of Duty League Stage Four, the Los Angeles Thieves played their first match without one of their best players. Huke was not a part of the Thieves when they went against Los Angeles Guerrillas as he missed his COVID test. This was announced by the organization on June 17th, 2021. It was told that Drazah will be playing instead of Huke for the first match.  

LA Thieves said that as part of the CDL’s COVID guidelines, players are supposed to be tested a night before the match to determine eligibility. Huke was not available for testing during the dedicated time. They tried to get him tested on the matchday but they were unable to get the results in time for the match. Due to missed COVID test, Huke was not allowed to play for the first match. 

CDL analyst NAMELESS tweeted that Huke showed up an hour late for his COVID test that night. NAMELESS said all the players got their COVID test that night but for some reason, he did not. Since he showed up late without his ID and had to wait then did not get his results for an hour so LA decided to use Drazah. 

Drazah will fill in the roster instead of Huke for the Thieves match which was against L.A Guerrillas. The L.A Thieves entered into action on a two-game losing streak with a roster of Huke, TJHaLy, SlasheR, Kenny. 

100 Thieves CEO and founder Nadeshot also tweeted about the situation which was under discussion. He said that Cuyler had spelled his name wrong on his COVID test on that night so it was invalid. Also, he had shown up to the venue without his ID and was not able to test again. He also said that it was an unfortunate circumstance and the reality was that the first LAN back and COVID protocols were being enforced. Their matches were supposed to start at 1 and they had to submit to their roster for the match. Since Drazah was tested and available.  It was as simple as that.

Although, LA Guerrillas vs LA Thieves Stage IV Major Tournament was conducted on June 17th. LA Guerrillas beat LA Thieves with 3-2.