Riot Games is expanding its VCT Game Changers series of VALORANT competitions exclusively for women and underrepresented groups to EMEA after a couple of successful series in North America.

Players from Europe, Turkey, the CIS, the Middle East, and North Africa will compete in these competitions. Game Changers will commence in late September. For at least three players on a team's roster, residency in one of the EMEA countries is necessary. Players must also be Platinum One and at least 16 years old.


Three events have been announced for the end of the month that will take place over a two-month period:

  • EMEA Game Changers One will take place from September 27th to October 3rd.
  • EMEA Game Changers Two will take place from October 25th to October 31st.
  • Three EMEA Game Changers will take place from November 15th to November 21st.

EMEA Game Changers One and Two will be open qualification tournaments, with up to 64 all-female teams competing in each. Game Changers Two will be a “All-in” competition in which mixed teams with at least three women on their roster will be allowed to compete. The prize pools for both of these events will be €20k, while the prize pool for the third and final EMEA Game Changers event will be €50k.

The Game Changers Series was founded with the goal of creating a more supportive environment for women to engage in eSports, devoid of the abuse and vitriol that is typically directed at female players. The first two North American series have produced some exciting matchups, with Cloud9 Blue winning both events and looking to win a third in late September. They expressed their willingness to compete against men's teams in open qualification tournaments as a crucial differentiator after their Game Changers Two victory, and urged other female teams to do the same.