The Florida Mutineers clashed against Toronto Ultra sitting in eighth place in the standings and sporting an 11-13 match record on May 27th, 2021. Toronto, the fourth-place team which had lost hardly a few series over the past two months was expected to have an easy time with Florida by many pundits and experts. 


In Map one with Raid Hardpoint, the Mutineers came out firing. This was led by Skyz. He went 24-13 for a 1.85 K/D. Neptune posted a 1.39 K/D. The Mutineers managed to close it out 250-182 to take a 1-0 series lead.

In Map two, it was Standoff Search and Destroy. The Mutineers had everything under control the entire time and winning 6-2. Neptune led the way in the second map with a 9-4 performance. Owakening and Havok, both also had great games, going 6-4 and 8-4 respectively. 


In Map three, The Toronto Ultra, despite losing many maps in this series than their entire run in Stage Three group play, managed to flip a switch in map three, Raid Control. Cammy and Insight made the way for Toronto Ultra with 1.44 and 1.83 K/Ds in the 3-0 map win.


On Map four, it was a back-and-forth affair on Moscow Hardpoint. Both the teams were tied at 202 apiece. But Toronto took a late lead and never turned down, forcing a fifth game with a 250-209 win. The only player on the team to post a positive stat line was Bance. He finished the map with a 1.33 K/D.


In Miami Search and Destroy, Toronto took a 3-0 lead and presented to be well on their way to complete the reverse sweep. The Mutineers, on the other side, rattled off six straight rounds. This helped them to come back and win over Ultra with a 6-3 win.