Here's day 3:

Vivo Keyd vs Acend

A well balanced matching between Keyd and Acend today. Starting in Icebox, picked by Keyd, resulted in a 13-9 victory of the map selector. The next map, Bind, resulted in a 3-13 domination by Acend. This map was an anomoly though as on Breeze, Keyd Stars take the win again with a 13-8 victory, to take the win.

Across all Maps, heat on Vision Strikers had the best K/D spread of +15. Surprising given how much better Keyd performed. cNed on Acend lead his team with a K/D spread of +9 and an Average Combat score of 266.

fnatic vs Vision Strikers

The fist map gave fnatic's choice of Icebox a win with a score of 13-10. Despite excellent strategy and gameplay from Vision Strikers, fnatic manages to take the win. The map concluded with an incredible clutch from Derke in an epic 2v1 with very little map time left.

The second map, Haven, lead to a redemption win of Vision Strikers 10-13. fnatic was ahead early on, with a small lead. After a strategic adjustment by Strikers after halftime, the match took a turn. The Strikers quickly showed why they picked Haven with strategic walls and smoke screens. k1ng showed the reason for his namesake this latter portion, getting kill after kill to balance the score sheet.

The final map was Fracture with resulted in a dominating 13-6 win for fnatic, finalizing the win of fnatic. The match was largely dominated by fnatic's counter strategy against Vision.

The overall resulting stats showed a heavily favored fnatic dominance with Derke, the MVP of this match-up having a +15 K/D ratio of the map, +21 overall.

Team Envy vs X10 Crit

The first map, Breeze, picked by X10 resulted in an Envy win. Envy winning 13 to 8 shaped a fairly evenly matched result. yay on Envy topping the K/D spread with +7 and an ACS of 278.

The second map concludes our bout between Envy and X10 with a 13-7 win for Envy. Envy showed a superior strategy and a show of patience as X10 showed an eagerness to rush aggressively to Envy, without yielding success. yay yet again lead the K/D spread with +5 for the team. Of note though, Crws on X10 did have a high K/D spread of +7, just not enough to carry the team to victory.

That's it for day 3 of our VALORANT Champions Tour in Berlin. Stay tuned for the remainder of the matches coming up over the next week.

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