The fifth day of the 2021 VALORANT Champions in Berlin has wrapped up and the results are in!

Crazy Raccoons vs Team Secret

The win from Team Secret (2-0) starts out with a strong first map at Split. Secret dominating the map with a score of 13-5. BORKUM lead the team with a K/D spread of +11. Raccoons were just not rabid enough to keep pace. The second map, Haven, showed an even more severe spread with a devastating blow from Secret with a score of 13-2. dispenser showed his stuff this time around and finished up with a K/D spread of +11 as well. Raccoon was definitely not in on the Secret that led to their demise.

Secret really showed how practiced and controlled they were in this destruction. Taking their times and not forcing anything that may lead to mistakes. A well deserved win by Secret today.


Thankfully, the whole day wasn't spent watching only one team show up, as KRÜ walks away with a much closer win against FURIA (2-1). The two all-uppercase teams exchanged a pretty even bout of skill. Fracture, the first match won by FURIA 13-11 held a fairly balanced stats across both teams. Each team putting up a respectable K/D spread.

Ascent, the second map yielded a better result for KRÜ to keep themselves in this game by 13-8. keznit showed up for his team this time around with a K/D spread of +9.

KRÜ wrapped it up with a win on Haven with a 13-9 win. It really could have been anyone's game, especially when looking at the stats. Both teams performed dutifully with respect to stats. KRÜ on average though, did hold up better which tracks given their win. Klaus really showed some skill with a K/D spread of +5.

cloud9 vs Full Sense

Another less devastating matchup between cloud9 and Full Sense played out, but ended up in cloud9's favor 2-0.  Our first map for this event was Split which resulted in a cloud9 win 13-7. This heavy sided score shows up in the stats with cloud9 holding the better numbers. mitch led the team in K/D spread with a healthy +8 spread.

The second map, Breeze was a MUCH closer match-up, but still resulting in a win from cloud9 14-12. The fact a win had to end with 14 should demonstrate how close this map was for the two teams. leaf really showed their stuff with a K/D spread of +8.

That's it for today. We're back tomorrow for the 5th day of VALORANT Champions in Berlin.