Another day, another roundup of VALORANT Champions results. Today marks the 6th day of the 2021 VCT in Berlin. Let's take a look at the results:

Team Envy vs Acend

What may appear as fairly balanced turned out to be in favor of Acend with a win of 2-0 against Envy. The first map, Ascent, showed each team alternating a small streak of wins, only to have Acend ascend in Ascent to take the win 13-8. No real team had an outstanding MVP this map, though Kiles did lead his team in a K/D spread of +7.

The second map, Bind, was yielded a closer result. After a nearly uninterrupted streak of 9 wins in a row from Acend, Envy was in a bind to really take that streak away. Envious of their long streak, Envy turned the tides with a 7 round win streak of their very own. Ultimately, it was not enough as Acend bound Envy in a 13-11 loss, leading to an Acend victory.

Even though his team lost, crashies lead this map in K/D spread of +9, 2 more than cNed who lifted Acend to victory with the highest K/D spread.

X10 Crit vs Keyd Stars

Fresh off the case of controversy around their abuse of a VALORANT camera glitch, X10 Crit takes a win from Keyd Stars 2-0. The battle of the two rebranded teams yielded very little in bravado with a pretty one sided match-up between the two.

The first map, Icebox, gave X10 their first win 13-6. heat's attempts to carry Keyd with a K/D spread of +9 was not enough to combat the incredible accuracy of sushiboys and pati who both came out with a +11 K/D and a headshot count of 10 and 17 respectively.

The second map, Haven, told a similar crititical story. sushiboys dominated the game with a +16 K/D spread. A true madlad in accuracy with 16 headshots. Keyd's suffering came to a swift end after a 13-5 defeat.

KRÜ vs Sentinels

This match-up came with some close competition, but ultimately KRU took the win 2-1.

Sentinels come out of Fracture with an early win, 13-7. A strong performance from SHAHZAM gave Sentinels the advantage. SHAZAM walked away with a K/D spread of +12. KRU didn't bring much of a performance to this match, trailing pretty heavily behind Sentinels, while only countering a couple of points away.

The second map, Haven, was looking pretty evenly matched until KRU closed it up with a flawless win 13-11. Sentinels seemed to be fairly dominant for most of the match, but after half, KRU started to turn the tides. Sentinels fought back but KRU closed in the win with some strong performances. SHAZAM gave another strong performance with a +13 K/D spread and a very high 20 headshot kill count; a 74% accuracy.

NagZ's double head shot closure of round 14.

The final map, Split, went to

KRU to take the win of the map. They spent the first half of the map struggling to keep pace with Sentinels. The KRU adjusted their strategy and came back with a 6 streak win. Sentinels fought back with a 3 streak defense of their own, but KRU finally put a close to the match to take the win.