Another day, anotherbreakdown for today's matches of the VALORANT Champions tour in Berlin:

Team Secret vs Gambit

Team Secret vs Gambit ended today in a shocking balance of extremes with Gambit taking the win 2-1. The first map, Icebox, yielded in a nasty 13-6 win by Team Secret. Team Secret definitely had the secrets for this map they selected. The following map, Breeze, picked by Gambit yielded a polarizing 13-0 shutout against Secret. Gambit definitely played this map like they knew what they were doing. With such a polarizing difference between scores, anyone could guess what happens in Blind, the third map. Surprisingly enough, Gambit pulls the win 13-6 to take the match.

While the map scores show an extreme difference, the KD spread from both teams tells a different story. Across all maps, Gambit showed strong KD spreads of +12 (d3ffo, Chronicle), and +17 (nAts).  Gambit definitely outperformed Secret today and these stats show it.

Furia vs Sentinels

Sentinels vs FURIA as a match was not nearly as extreme as the match-up against Secret and Gambit. We begin the match with Ascent picked by FURIA. Sentinels take the win 13-9 here. Breeze match-up was a lot closer. FURIA took the win 13-10 here even though Sentinels picked the map.  The final map, Haven was taken by Sentinels 13-9, leading to a win by Sentinels for the match.

Overall, the stats showed a similar story to the map scores. TenZ stood out as the MVP for this match with a K/D spread of +16 and an average combat score of 266.  Every other player in the map was fairly equally matched.

KRU vs Liquid

What can be said about the win from Team Liquid against KRU that might not be obvious. KRU definitely held their own in their 0-2 loss against Liquid.  Try as they might though, they just couldn't keep pace with Liquid
The KRU picked Haven, lead to a Liquid victory of 13-5. While the numbers speak a different story, when KRU won a round, they definitely picked Liquid off. Overall though, Liquid remained more consistent and took a win for the first map.

Ascent, picked by Liquid lead to another victory to Liquid by 13 to 8. Again, the numbers speak different to the actual performance of KRU and Liquid. Many close calls and tight pivots between player skirmishes.

Across all maps, Nivera dominated the games with a +15 K/D spread and an ACS of 250.

Lots of people are saying Liquid has the talent to take the win for this year, but it's still early, anything could still happen. What do you think? Who are you rooting for? Who do you think has the raw talent to take the win in the end? Let us know on the Gamer Galaxy Discord!