The 2021 Call of Duty League (CDL) Season is currently in progress. In 2020, Dallas won the COD Champs. After this, the CDL declared that the league will revert to four-vs-four gameplay for 2021. All the 12 CDL franchises had to cut down at least one player from the five-man starting rosters they had in 2020.

Now the second season of CDL is underway with the opening Weekend hosted by Atlanta FaZe. The 2021 CDL regular season will consist of five stages. In each stage, all 12 franchises need to play five group play matches to fit themselves in Stage’s Major, a double-elimination event.

The CDL points gained by the respective team will be used to decide the league’s standings. At the end of the season, the top eight teams in the league will be allowed to compete in the 2021 Call of Duty League playoffs based on the CDL points.

The result goes as below:

February 12

Atlanta FaZe vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas (Group B)

Atlanta win 3-0

  • Crossroads Hardpoint: 250-156 Atlanta
  • Garrison Search and Destroy: 6-4 Atlanta

·        Garrison Control: 3-1 Atlanta

OpTic Chicago vs. Paris Legion (Group B)

OpTic win 3-0

  • Raid Hardpoint: 250-102 OpTic
  • Checkmate Search and Destroy: 6-4 OpTic
  • Raid Control: 3-2 OpTic

February 11

Dallas Empire vs. Seattle Surge (Group A)

Dallas win 3-0

  • Crossroads Hardpoint: 250-98 Dallas
  • Miami Search and Destroy: 6-2 Dallas
  • Garrison Control: 3-1 Dallas

Minnesota RØKKR vs. Los Angeles Thieves (Group A)

Los Angeles win 3-1

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-194 Los Angeles
  • Miami Search and Destroy: 6-4 Minnesota
  • Garrison Control: 3-1 Los Angeles
  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-60 Los Angeles

Los Angeles Thieves picked up their first victory in the CDL:

The Los Angeles Thieves showed a fascinating performance in the Call of Duty League and got their first victory scoring 3-1 against the Minnesota RØKKR. All the players of the team played well and showed tremendous teamwork in their debut match of the 2021 CDL season. TJHaLy’s aggressive eliminations aided the team to build 250-60 drubbing. His presence on the Moscow Hardpoint to end the series was clearly seen and understood.

During the Garrison Hardpoint of the opening map series, SlasheR and Kenny start the ball rolling with 28 and 32 kills. Also, SlasheR had soaked up the most HP time for his team.

The Thieves loss came in the Miami Search and Destroy map. On this map, they fell behind 5-1. But they manage to win three consecutive rounds.

Since the disappointing performance in their Kickoff Classic preseason exhibition game against OpTic Chicago, they managed to keep up the team’s reputation after their win against Minnesota RØKKR. This Victory helps the team to stay in first place in Stage One's Group A, which also includes the reigning CDL champions, the Dallas Empire.

The Thieves have an opportunity to stay undefeated on Feb 13th wherein they will play against New York Subliners at 5 pm CT.