After a 50-minute slobber-knocker tiebreaker triumph over Rogue yesterday, Cloud9 became the second team to qualify for the knockout stage of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. The North American squad created history by being the first LCS team to defeat an LEC team in a tiebreaker at Worlds.

The match started off to a slow start, with Rogue punishing Perkz for being too aggressive in the mid lane on LeBlanc. Prior to this, the two Western teams were constantly exchanging objectives and kills. Rogue made deft moves around the battlefields in the tit-for-tat war, seemingly outmaneuvering C9 at every turn. The LCS team, on the other hand, was able to maintain their lead thanks to tower and gold advantages.

This relentless barrage of strikes lasted until late in the game, when death clocks began to play a role. C9 was frequently brute-forcing engages in the hopes of extending their lead, but Rogue cleverly moved around them, almost losing their opportunity to punish the LCS team. At the 47-minute mark, Perkz discovered a pick onto Odoamne, giving his team ample room to secure the Infernal Soul and their second Baron of the game, as the North American team began to pull away from their opponents.

C9 decided to take advantage of their situation and attack the Elder Dragon after destroying Rogue's base. Rogue used Larssen's Realm Warp as a five-man unit as a last-ditch effort to halt them. Vulcan swiftly recognized this maneuver and stopped it in its tracks, allowing the rest of his squad to capitalize and win the fight and the game.

After the Worlds 2021 group stage concludes on October 18th, C9 will learn who their quarterfinals opponent will be.