In a tight three-game series, 100 Thieves and XSET battled tooth and nail, but 100T prevailed and sent their opponents to the lower bracket. The VALORANT Champions Tour North America Last Chance Qualifier is now underway, with eight teams competing for a berth in the Champions tournament.

In their initial matches, 100T and XSET beat Gen.G and Luminosity, respectively, before facing off in the upper semifinals. XSET took the first game of the series 13-9 on Split, with Zekken leading the server with 27 kills. The pistol round was won by 100T, but both teams swapped rounds until XSET found their stride in round six. In the second half, they only lost two more rounds, finishing with a 7-5 record.

In the second half, XSET maintained their lead by winning the first four rounds, including a 4k by Zekken in round 16. 100-Thieves won the final four rounds of the match, but XSET won the first map 13-9. On Breeze, though, they were unable to replicate their feat.

On Breeze, 100T dominated, demonstrating why this was their map of choice for the series. They had an early lead after winning the first four rounds, but XSET ultimately put an end to their rampage in round five. Despite barely having one HP, Asuna almost won the round for his side by using Reyna's ultimate ability. In a one-on-three situation, Asuna got two kills but couldn't prevent the defuse and an amazing clutch.

Despite this slight setback, the first half was controlled by 100 Thieves. Asuna continued to wreak havoc on XSET, and the whole 100T roster was on fire, leading to a 10-2 halftime advantage. XSET did win six rounds in the second half, but 100 Thieves did not allow the game slip away from them, winning 13-8.

On Ascent, the series came down to game three, which began as a back-and-forth battle. XSET took the first two rounds of the match, but 100T responded by winning the following three. In round four, Hiko demonstrated the Classic's right- click's effectiveness at close range, earning two kills and an extra with a Phantom thrown in for good measure.

The first half was the most competitive, with both sides deadlocked with six round victories. However, in the second half, 100T won the first three rounds, taking a much-needed advantage. Rounds 16 and 17 were won by XSET, which contained 3ks from dephh and PureR, respectively. However, 100T maintained their lead in the second half, dropping only one more round before winning the series 13-9.

The winner of tomorrow's upper semifinals match will play 100T in the upper finals. The victors of FaZe Clan vs. Rise and Version1 vs. Cloud9 Blue will compete against 100T. XSET will play in the second round of the lower bracket on Friday, October 15th at 5 p.m. CT, with a chance to advance from the lower bracket.