Wong "NutZ" Jeng Yih, a veteran player is stepping down after a long career.

Wong "NutZ" Jeng Yih is a Singaporean Dota 2 professional veteran player and has announced his retirement after more than nine years of competition in Dota 2.

This decision was taking into consideration when he failed to qualify for the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit after spending the last seven months playing with random teams.

He played in the initial qualifier for the Southeast Asia DPC regional league with many former teammates on the QueenSurf stack and failed to qualify. So, he managed to step back and revaluate his position in the competitive scene. After three months, he has decided to pursue other ventures and retire in this game.

NutZ said it is time for him to quit from competing in the tournaments. He also stated that it is difficult for him to let go of something he has been committed his whole youth for. He has pondered about it for several months and finally decided to move on. The new generation players are already there. They will be the ones who will be willing to dedicate their time and will be hungrier to show their worth in the scene.

NutZ has spent his entire time and career playing for various SEO organizations that include a two-year stint with MVP HOT6ix and MVP Phoenix. It also includes being placed seventh at The International 2015. Before the organization shut down its Dota division last September, he spent more than a year competing with Reality Rift. This was before stack hopping.

Throughout his career, NutZ has made it to TI with MVP Phoenix only once. But he was always on the verge to improve his skills so that he can win the biggest tournament and hoisting the Aegis as one of the best players across the world. However, in the last several months he realized that the end goal has faded and was no longer driving him to keep going.

NutZ said lifting that Aegis was everything to him. He truly felt it was an achievable goal and not too far from where he was as long as he gathered the right talents and worked hard towards it. As time passed on, it started to fade and had come to a point where it does not mean anything to him anymore except for the potential monetary benefits from winning it.

NutZ is now working on finding some new ventures, something new to chase, and also look into other esports projects being conducted in Singapore. Although he did not have any specific plans yet, he thanked all of his fans for the supports he received since the original Dota. He promised to remain active in supporting new players and his ex-teammates in the future.