It is confirmed that Octane and Kenny will be accompanied by Drazah and Envoy to fill in the Los Angeles Thieves’ Call of Duty League roster for 2022. This was confirmed on September 3rd.

Octane’s signing was made official on September 9th. He will be joining Drazah and Kenny as the holdovers from Los Angeles’s 2021 team. The video by the Los Angeles Thieves clearly states that Envoy, who happens to be the former OpTic Chicago star, along with being the team’s fourth player. He was also the final starting player to enter the new season.

The 2021 season has been a rough road for the roster when it comes to Los Angeles Thieves. It can be noticed that there were several changes in the roster. They have come across many players who came and left. It included players like Huke, Venom, John, SlasheR, Temp, and TJHaLy. This happened several times because players left the team or due to bounce between being on the bench and starting in games.

This was Los Angeles Thieves first season in the Call of Duty League after 100 T’s bought the organization slot which was previously known as OpTic Gaming Los Angeles in the league’s first year. The LA thieves finished the match in the regular season in seventh place. They had an 18-21 match record but failed to make it to the first round of the playoffs after being defeated by Minnesota, 3-2.

Octane being back has become a big homecoming for the Los Angeles Thieves. He tends to be a very familiar face on its squad for the upcoming Call of Duty League, 2022 season. He was included in the five-man roster which got placed second in 2019 Call of Duty’s Championship in Black Ops 4 and Octane was titled as the MVP of CWL London 2019. This was alongside SlasheR, Kenny, Enable, and Priestahh.

Now having played with the veteran leadership of Octane and Kenny who are also accompanied by the young superstars' duo of Drazah and Envoy, the Los Angeles Thieves will look into making a mark in the Call of Duty: Vanguard, 2022 season and accomplish many victories.