Team Liquid has announced the addition of former LCS pro Inori to its Academy roster. During the 2017 Summer Split, Inori was a member of Team Liquid. During the 2017 LCS season, Inori appeared in 43 games for two teams—Phoenix1 and Team Liquid—winning 20 of them. Inori, on the other hand, lost all four games he played for Team Liquid on the LCS stage in 2017, and he hasn't played in the LCS since.

Inori had a two-year break from competitive play between 2018 and 2019, appearing in only three TCL games throughout entire time. However, the 26-year-old veteran returned to the pro scene last season, leading Cloud9 Academy's jungle. Last year, Inori and C9 Academy went 39-11 and won both the Spring and Summer Split Academy finals.

It's unknown when Inori will be given the opportunity to play with Team Liquid's LCS team this season. Given that the team's starting jungler, Santorin, has been unable to play for the bulk of the last three months owing to health difficulties, a slot on the main squad may be available.

Still, Inori would have to dethrone Armao, an LCS veteran who has been filling in effectively for Santorin in the jungle position. This season, Team Liquid has a 9-7 record in games involving Armao. Team Liquid came within one game of winning the LCS Spring Split earlier this year with the help of the substitute jungler.

If anything, Team Liquid's action is a stopgap measure to provide Armao a reprieve from the already overburdened situation. Armao has been tripling his playing time since Santorin retired from competitive play last month, suiting up for Team Liquid's LCS and Academy squads. Armao has played 11 games for Team Liquid in the last 12 days, split between the LCS and the Academy. Armao will be able to devote his whole attention to the LCS now that Inori has joined the Academy side of the organization's roster.

Inori will make his TL Academy debut against Golden Guardians Academy on July 7th, 2021. On Friday, July 9th, 2021, Team Liquid's LCS roster will face Dignitas in a matchup.