With the first week of the latest season of Pro League behind us, that also means that Group A have now finished all of their matches, 3 of the 6 teams go forward, while the other 3 go nowhere but home.

While the 3 progressing teams may not be a surprise in themselves, they are however likely not in the order everyone was expecting. The teams going to playoffs are fnatic, Vitality & Natus Vincere. Only one of the teams was able to conquer the other 5 and win all matches, the team being Vitality. They impressively fought off Endpoint, NIP & Spirit 2-0, whilst got a slightly harder matchup going 2-1 with fnatic & Natus Vincere. The next up was fnatic, who won 3 of 5, those being 2-0 against NIP, Spirit & Endpoint, and losing 1-2 to NAVI & Vitality and lastly and the most surprisingly placed of the 3, was Natus, they won just 2 of their five matches. They were able to outwit fnatic (2-1) & Spirit (2-0), although they lost to Vitality & NIP 2-1, but in probably the most shock match of the group, they were downed by Endpoint in 0-2, in a match where NAVI were constantly floundering against the team who'd later go on to finish bottom of the group, with this being their only win, but perhaps at least they'll go home knowing it was the most sensational win of the Group. Spirit & NIP matched Natus Vinceres 5-2 played/won ratio, however Natus ended ahead of them in third place due to a slightly better round difference than Spirit. 

Next up, starting on Wednesday 7th September in a few days time will be Group B. Perhaps the group of death, with the heavyweights of G2, BIG, FaZe & Outsiders clashing with themselves plus the former giants in MIBR and the comparatively inexperienced FTW. Will FTW be able to pull a surprise win similar to Endpoint? Which of the heavyweights will come the highest?