Gambit Esports, one of the most prominent European organisations of all time, has announced the immediate closure of its League of Legends division.

The squad represented Europe at the season three World Championship, originally consisting of the ex-Moscow Five roster and playing under the name Gambit Gaming.

They went on to play in Europe for three years before selling their EU LCS location to Team Vitality in 2016.

Konstantin Pikiner, CEO of Gambit Esports said,

It was incredibly difficult to make this decision, particularly because our organization's history began with a League of Legends team.

Also thanked past players and Riot Games for their contributions over the years but ended with a message for the fans, He also thanked all wonderful fans of Gambit Esports from all over the world for their continued support.

The group changed its name to Gambit Esports after leaving the EU LCS.

Since the 2016 Summer Split, the organisation has played in the League of Legends Continental League (LCL), winning three domestic championships and representing the region at two World Championships and one Mid-Season Invitational.

In Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Apex Legends, and VALORANT, Gambit now has active rosters.

On the note to Gambit Esports shutting down its League of Legends division the decision was made without any explanation.


  • 5th-8th in Season 3 World Championship – 23rd September 2013 – $75,000   
  • 1st in LCL Spring 2018 – 1st April 2018 – $37,021
  • 7th-8th at Mid-Season Invitational 2018 – 9th May 2018 – $34,263

Gambit Esports is parting ways with the following players and coaches as a result of this change:


1.     1.  Mark “DREAMPYLLA” Leksin

2.      2. Alexey “Phlaty” Lemeshchuk

3.      3. Stanimir “Four” Penchev

4.      4. Artyom “Shiganari” Pervushin

5.      5. Alexander “Lekcycc” Lexikov


1.      1. Aleksandr “PvPStejos” Glazkov

2.      2. Yevgeny “SadJesteRRR” Starosvetskiy


1.      1. Evgeny “Seigimitsu” Podlobnikov

Gambit Esports has left League of Legends after an eight-year run. It leaves behind a legacy that includes several Intel Extreme Masters titles and two LCL titles.

Well this decision indeed has left the fans heavy hearted!