Flashpoint today announced the initial matchups, match schedule, and the format of the event.

Last night, mousesports won the closed qualifier, with Complexity, Anonymo, Sprout & DBL PONEY all coming in the top 5 and also earning entry to the full Flashpoint event.
During this event, several lineup changes will appear, DBL PONEY will have to play without NBK-, who was deemed ineligible to compete at the event, and NIP will debut their new-look team with former Astralis player device, who will be the only Danish player on what was previously an all Swedish team. ex-North has a currently entirely unknown lineup for the event, however, Flashpoint executives gave them the go-ahead to compete, so we can determine, at minimum, that it has a least 3 players from the original North lineup when it qualified for this event during DreamHack Open Fall 2020. Other interesting plots to follow are FaZe & mousesports competing in the tournament, which means there's every chance Karrigan will come across his previous team of mousesports, and if you're one for watching the live streams, we'd definitely recommend following NIP & Astralis matches to see how those two teams manage with their altered lineups!
The first match starts on 10th May, with a French duel between DBL PONEY and Vitality, on this same starting day, we get to see how Astralis handle without device as they take on OG, with Bubzkji as their fifth player.

Here are the opening matches in full, the times are in UTC/GMT.

10th May,
1600 - DBL PONEY vs Vitality
1900 - Astralis vs OG

11th May,
1600 - Complexity vs BIG
1900 - fnatic vs mousesports

12th May,
1600 - Heroic vs Sprout
1900 - FaZe vs G2

14th May,
1600 - Anonymo vs NIP
1900 - FunPlus Phoenix vs ex-North

The event will then progress until 30th May, starting with a Double Elimination bracket, which is what the above initial matches start with, this of course means that all teams get a free slip up, tumbling into the Lower Bracket where they still have a chance to claw their way to the Grand Final. There will also be extra brackets to determine 5th, 7th & 9th - 12th place later on in the tournament.