In the beginning, Atlanta FaZe seemed to be a little rusty in the first match, Checkmate Hardpoint. Although, they won the game by 250-188. That was the moment, where Faze was left with no doubt. All the players in Atlanta had excellence and outstanding performance with exhibiting a 1.15 K/D or higher. In the Tiny Terrors, Simp and aBeZy helped the roster to lead the way with 1.40 and 1.28 K/Ds over the series’ three games.

Although, Atlanta FaZe earned a 3-0 victory over London Royal Ravens. But Royal Ravens competed and performed well. Royal Ravens were leading in Checkmate Hardpoint until when the FaZe came roaring back to secure the map one. In Standoff Search and Destroy, London had a chance to send the second map of the series to a decisive round 11 before Atlanta FaZe finished it out 6-4. PaulEhx was the only player on London Royal Ravens to go positive by posting a 1.06 series K/D.

OpTic Chicago secured victory 3-0 over Paris Legion with three straight map wins. FormaL kicked off the series with five straight kills. This was during the Garrison Hardpoint. In vintage performance, he led the way for OpTic Chicago with a 1.48 K/D series. Scump and Dashy helped the roster to lead the way with 1.22 K/D and 1.08 K/D in the series’ three maps. Chicago was dominant in the 3-0-win including the Standoff Search and Destroy.

Paris Legion was better skilled in certain points of the match. In Raid Control, the Legion lost two offensive rounds during a 3-0 map loss. This allowed the OpTic to complete the series sweep. Skrapz and Temp helped the roster to lead the way for Paris with 0.93 K/D and 0.98 K/D.