It may have been just a single day of play, but there was plenty of action from the 8 matches played.

The first match was already an interesting one, with the intended team 'Paloma' unable to attend, as they had a conflict of schedule with a different event. This allowed the team Universe Five to attend. Unfortunately they weren't able to bring out the performance, perhaps due to them not being able to prepare after the last minute change? Either way, their opponent, Skeletor were able to break through 16-8 on Mirage. The next team to only manage a single match before elimination was Marskalk, who participated in a Swedish derby with nomix, although the latter were able to decimate Marskalk 16-3 on Overpass. Next up was yologang420, who have to date only participated in this event and seem to have disappeared again. Either way, they were defeated by the future winners, fightclub, once again on Mirage, 16-11.

Moving on up, the Semi-Finals, and the start of the Best of 3's. Where once again there was a matchup of two teams from the same country, nomix & skeletor, with Sweden again the country of origin. This match may have only been a two map affair, however across Overpass & Mirage, were two 14-16 matches where the back & forth was a surprisingly close edge-of-the-chair action for such a lower tier event, where Mirage went 7:8 on both sides as the back and forth action was something often only seen between Tier A teams. However at the end of the day, it was nomix that came out of it 2-0. Next up, fightclub & Pepsilon, another all Swedish affair. fightclub is by far the most experienced team at the tournament, and they were able to show up in force. With Ancient going 16:13, and 16:12 on Mirage, fightclub escaped in another 2:0 victory.

Lastly, the final match of the day, and the Grand final. With nomix & fightclub the two who outlasted all the rest. With this match being the first and only best of 3 to go all three maps. Our tour of the globe took us to Vertigo, Inferno & Overpass. fightclub were able to keep a leash on nomix, takin them down 16:10, and then nomix were able to respond in kind on Inferno, for another 16:10. However for the last match of the tournament, both nomix & flightclub fought hard and valiantly for a close 16:14 to fightclub on Overpass. For their day of effort, fightclub take home $5,250 with nomix having $2,250. Not bad for a single days work!