Jong-ryeol "Saebyeolbe" Park, a member of the Seoul Dynasty, apologized for his remarks in April, but his apology was not acknowledged.

According to comments from the league and individual players, four Chinese Overwatch League teams have agreed to a possible boycott of all activities involving Seoul Dynasty DPS Park “Saebyeolbe” Jong Ryeol.

Staff members from the Shanghai Dragons, Guangzhou Charge, Chengdu Hunters, and Hangzhou Spark threatened a full boycott of all activities involving Saebyeolbe on Weibo earlier this week, citing his political comments about China on a canal. Scrimmages, exhibition matches, and league material such as advertisements were among the events.

According to a statement made by an Overwatch League spokesperson, the teams have reached an agreement and will no longer boycott the player. The Overwatch League is a global culture, strengthened by the diverse experiences and viewpoints of our players and fans, according to a spokesperson.

The Seoul Dynasty, as well as all of the individual Chinese teams involved, have issued statements about the possible boycott. Each Chinese team appears to have issued the same statement.

According to the release, the teams went through "many rounds of debate" before agreeing to have "the best competitive matches for fans." The teams have stated that regular operations will resume based on "mutual respect and unity."

The Seoul Dynasty said that the teams would resume their regular activity for the purposes of "fostering healing" and "better understanding of one another."

Saebyeolbe made remarks about freedom of expression in China on his stream a few weeks ago, objecting to the "One China" policy, which argues that Taiwan and Hong Kong are "inalienable" parts of China and not separate countries.

 Managers told the veteran DPS that if players wanted to earn Chinese money, they had to "become a Chinese dog."


Saebyeolbe apologised on Instagram following the incident. Two weeks later, management employees, including Shanghai Dragons' Yang Van, posted on Weibo about the boycott, saying Saebyeolbe's apology was insufficient.

Others, such as Chengdu Hunters manager Yiheng "Luke" Qin, believe professional athletes should avoid bringing politics into their games.

Though proper Overwatch League matches were never on the line, the Seoul Dynasty would have been devastated by a possible scrim boycott.

As a member of the East zone, which only has eight teams, scrim partners are still difficult to come by. The Chinese teams' boycotts would have definitely spread to the Overwatch Contenders academy teams, effectively removing the Dynasty's scrim.