Today, the IEM Beijing Haidian competition wrapped up, with winners decided in all four divisions. The lucky quadruple? ViCi, Vitality, Renegades & Chaos!

Let's get into some of the details below.

For the European division, after a rollercoaster match that lasted nearly 5 hours and went the whole five maps, the European winners of IEM Beijing are Vitality! Na'Vi started off strong, with a 2-0 showing across Dust 2 & Nuke that made it look like we were in for a short match, but Vitality pulled through on Overpass & Inferno to go 2-2 refusing to go down without a fight. The match was also the first time the AWPing behemoths of ZywOo & s1mple had met, which of course led to many spectacular moments. Vitality had lost four finals in the last five months, so they went into the match the underdogs for most people. From looking defeated after 2 maps dropped, Vitality somehow found it in themselves to turn up to fifth gear for the reverse sweep 3-2 victory over Natus Vincere.

Meanwhile in North America, Triumph & Chaos did battle, with both teams experiencing their first Intel Extreme Masters Grand Final. The battle lasted 4 hours, going through Train, Mirage, Overpass & Nuke, Chaos emerged the victors with a 3-1 result.

Chaos started strongly, with a 16-5 win over Triumph on Train, but the Triumph five didn't get discouraged and came back with a powerful message of a 16-11 victory to bring us 1-1. Unfortunately this is where the wheels fell off their carriage, and Chaos hit back with two in a row to hit the magical 3 games in the best of five. Triump did all they could in the end, getting as close as 14-16 on the final map, Nuke before the devastating final blow by Chaos to take them over the winning post.

Skipping across the ocean to the Oceania & Asia areas of the competition. Superbly powerful showings for ViCi & Renegades, who both won their respective areas with a huge 3-0 hit. Renegades got through the tournament holding on to their undefeated now 18 win streak, not dropping a single map at the Beijing-Haidian tournament. This means that TYLOO & ORDER were the runners up in those areas.

The next large event in Counter Strike begins in just a day, the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown. So stick around, and we'll be bringing you all the unfolding news from that event.